Do you love bread? #IloveBread AD

“Do you like bread”? When I heard the name of the hottest and newest campaign launched by Grain Foods Foundation, it totally ringed a bell for me. That question reminds me really well of my *bad* attempts of flirting. Most people would go with the flow *flirting related*, me? No. My response would have been a silly one.

Anyways, moving on..

“Do you like bread?” is much more than that though. It’s truly an inspiring and amazing campaign that I’m happy to share with you on the blog. The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) is the only organization devoted to promoting the consumption of grain-based foods. GFF is a joint venture of the baking, milling and allied trade industries. It is committed to nutrition education programming that is firmly rooted in sound science and engages with healthcare professionals, media, policymakers, consumers and investors alike. 

I think it’s important to encourage more people to include grains in their diet, also bread. There are so many types of bread you can choose from, I love eating whole bread which is a healthier option. Grains are essential and come with a variety of benefits. They’re rich in fibers, proteins, B-Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I think one of the reasons people run away from grains is because they think they’ll get fat. In fact, people who are friends with grains. Adults who mostly get their grains from cooked cereals, pasta, and rice weighed less than adults who eat almost no grains.



Whole grains is a hot topic, especially among healthy gurus. But what does a grain actually consist of? Whole grains grow as the kernel of the plant. The kernel is made up of three distinct parts, each offering a unique nutrient profile. The bran contains satiating fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals. The endosperm stores starch – a carbohydrate that serves as a source of energy. The germ houses vitamin E, antioxidants and healthy fats. Any food that is labeled “whole grain” on the package must contain all three parts of the kernel in roughly the same proportion as they occur naturally.

Whole grains don’t normally go straight from the field to your kitchen. There are three types of milling. Whole includes popcorn, brown rice and quinoa. Flour includes whole wheat flour, cornmeal and buckwheat flour. Cracked milling results in bulgur, oatmeal and barley grits.

Grains really power your body. The fiber found in grains helps satiate hunger, improve digestive health and may protect against certain cancers. B Vitamins from grains are vital to metabolism. And minerals including iron, magnesium and phosphorus are all prevalent in whole grain foods and keep cells healthy.


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For more information visit their website Grain Foods Foundation


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    2017-02-10 at 2:50 AM

    I absolutely love bread and any carbs, I don’t think I could ever give them up! This was so interesting, I honestly never really knew what grains consisted of and how beneficial they can be. It’s so common to hear about how bad it is for you, so this was a refreshing post! xx

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  • MiriamMilitaru
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    I love bread. Especially freshly baked ones – so good! Thanks for sharing their nutritional facts! It is so nice to hear for once that something I like to eat is good for you!

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