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Either you are a student or you work full time, you most probably have a lot of things you have or need to get done on a daily basis.  The longer the list, the less time you have to do the things you actually want to do and love. We are living in a world where time is one of the biggest issues we are constantly dealing with and sometimes it seems almost impossible to simply make some time only for ourselves.


Taking time to do the things that we want to do because we simply want to, it’s not only relaxing, but also healthy and essential. It’s important that from time to time, you make time just for yourself, to do the things that you love. By giving yourself a break to enjoy life and relax, you recharge your batteries whilst your happiness and energy levels will significantly increase. I came up with five gorgeous tips that will hopefully help you have more time for yourself. How? (I hear you screaming) By getting things done faster!

  1. Plan out your day. I love planning out my day, even if I’m the kind of person that usually remembers the things I need to get done, I still enjoy crossing off the things I’ve done from my daily to-do list. Planning out your day can be an useful thing to do as long as you really are following the list and not only write things down, but never quite attempt to also get them done. By having a plan or a to-do list, you will know what you need to get done that day and so you will have more control over your life by staying organized!
  1. Prioritize. The purpose of prioritizing is knowing what is more important to get done first. When you prioritize, you focus to get done the things that are the most important to get done. Is more important to write the essay you are supposed to deliver in two hours, than watching the latest episode of that series you are so obsessed with. By prioritizing the things you need to do, you get things done in the right order, and this will make your day less stressful.
  1. Say “no” more. We want to do as much as we can, and if someone needs our help we often say yes without even analysing what a “yes” truly means. Sometimes saying no to things is the best decision you can make!  You don’t always need or have to say yes to everything. You have the right to say no, without feeling guilty or scared of missing out on something. Saying yes to everything, especially to the things that you don’t actually want to do, will only add more stress to your life and less time to spend how you want. Learn when to say yes and when to say no, and most importantly learn that in some situations, you need put yourself first before anyone else. As they instruct you on the plane, put your oxigen mask on first, before helping others.


  1. Ask for help. Sometimes when we are having a hard time trying to get things done and we feel overwhelmed, we need to ask for help. We can’t do everything by ourselves, unless we are begging for breakdown. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about asking for help, because asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it only means you are wise enough to have the courage to let someone else help you. So if you didn’t understand the last English lesson, ask your teacher, a friend or a family member for help. They will be happy to help you. most probably
  1. Be more efficient. We can easily find ourselves browsing Instagram for two hours, when we were actually supposed to do something important. If you need to get something done, just do it. I know it’s much harder than it seems, but you will thank yourself if you are really just doing it, instead for procrastinating over and over again. The faster you are getting it done, the more time you have for yourself.

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