My favorite cups of tea

I don’t know about you, but I love my daily cup of tea. Not only is it truly beneficial and good for you, (tea contains antioxidants which are vital for the body, has less caffeine than coffee, may reduce risk of heart attack & stroke, boost the immune system, may help protect your bones and may help with weight loss), but it’s also calming and tasteful at the same time!


When it comes to my favorites, there are a few brands that I really like, but I’m always on the outlook for new loves. Pukka has quickly become one my favorite tea brands. The reason I decided to try them out is because of Victoria Beckham. She recommended them in a magazine interview a long time ago, and ever since then I’ve been a fan of the brand. The very first one that I’ve tried one was the Pink Love one, which was a calming & chamomile tea.

Now I’m loving the blue Refresh one, a spring of organic peppermint, fennel and rose. I love how calming and sweet this tea is, not to mention the ingredients are organic. I also love that is caffeine-free which makes it the perfect tea to end the day with, since it doesn’t contain caffeine at all which won’t make you stay awake the whole night.

The Twinings of London is another favorite of mine, and at the moment I’m loving the Strawberry & Mango one. Extremely flavored and tasteful combination! Definitely a must-try one!



I’ve been obsessed with is the Gourmet Tea from Cemo Gourmet in the flavor forest fruit. This doesn’t contain cherries, which makes it a little different from the Lipton one, but not less delicious. It contains pieces of blueberries and rosehip instead. This is also has a little stronger and intense flavor to it, because of the size of the fruit pieces.

Lately, I’ve been drinking The Hipster which is a raspberry and mint herbal tea, from the Tea And The Gang. It contains hibiscus, peppermint, raspberry leaves, rosehip and apple pieces as a few of the natural and high-quality ingredients.



I love Lipton tea as they come in so many interesting and tasteful flavors! The Forest Fruit is my favorite forest fruit tea ever and I must admit that I’ve tried quite a few forest fruit teas in my life. I love that it’s super flavored, as I contains fruity pieces of berries and cherries as well.

Another exciting tea from Lipton that I’ve been sipping lately, is the Pleasure Indulgent Collection. There are four different flavors and I must tell you that they are all ah-mazing. My favorite one must be the Black Tea Pear Chocolate Inspiration because it obviously contains chocolate, and also the blueberry muffin is just as good. If you prefer green tea instead, which is super beneficial as well, you can choose from Strawberry Cupcake and Lemon Macaron. Lovely! 



I literally can’t drink tea without my beloved Organic Raw Blue Agave Low Glycemic Sweetener from Wholesome. I know I know, long name, but what this really does is sweetening the tea naturally. The reason I prefer to use this for sweetening my tea is because is organic and doesn’t contain bad sugar which isn’t the best for you. This is a low glycemic syrup that is slowly absorbed by the body, therefore it prevents spikes in blood sugar. It’s 25% sweeter than normal sugar and can be used in so many different ways, drinks, sauces, on top of oatmeal / waffles and cereal.

It’s also Gluten Free and Naturally Vegan.



                         What tea have you been loving lately? 

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