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When I first received the Royal Coffee Scrub from Naturelle Cosmetics, I was really excited to try it out and see if it’s in any way more special than normal coffee scrub. I’ve been using normal coffee scrub for such a long time now and honestly, I stand by it for being the best and most natural scrub ever! Read on to find out how I liked this one and what my opinions on it are!

So, who is Naturelle Cosmetics? This was the question I’ve asked myself the very first time I’ve heard about the brand. I was happy to find out that, Naturelle Cosmetics is a family-owned & private brand located in the UK. The brand aims at popularizing organic and natural beauty products in Europe. *amazing*. They bring the purest products from organic and certified farms from United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

I love what they stand for as a brand –  providing only natural & organic, (skin/ hair / body care) cosmetic products in the most natural, chemical-free way.


So, I’ve used the Royal Coffee Scrub on my face a few times and what I liked most about it was that it left my skin smoother and softer for longer time than the normal coffee scrub would do. This is because the Royal one contains amazing and natural ingredients that are good for the skin, In comparison to the normal coffee scrub that’s basically just coffee grounds.

I absolutely love this product, it’s still my favorite product, but just improved. As I try to be as healthy as I can in all the ways possible, skincare is no exception. I love that it only contains natural ingredients that you can actually read and understand… talking about not containing any chemicals.

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After scrubbing my face with the Royal one that’s also a little gentler on the face than the normal coffee scrub, my face feels amazing. Because the product contains ingredients like Avocado and Jojoba oil, my face would stay smoother and softer for much longer. The normal coffee would also tend to leave minor coffee marks on the zones I used it, because it was obviously pure coffee grounds, but this one leaves my skin glowing and healthy looking!

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The Royal Coffee Scrub contains 100% organic ingredients, so this is an amazing upgraded version to the normal coffee scrub! I really recommend this one since it’s natural and gives fantastic results for a really good price (only $12.88)! Mine is in the flavor Tea Tree, but there are many more others to choose from, Chocolate Orange (need to try it out!), Cinnamon Vanilla, Coconut, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree (the one that I have) and love!


Purchase your own!


This post is in collaboration with Naturelle Cosmetics. All opinions are personal.

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