Revealing the #secretdestination

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I know you’ve all been excited to find out where I was heading to and so today I’ll be finally revealing the #secretdestination. *yasss*   Sitting on the beautiful balcony, while already having a second cup of coffee ( I r e a l l y , like r e a l l y should cut down my daily coffee intake lol), and enjoying the sun is truly the best way to relax and of course, get creative and write. The #secretdestination as I have been calling it, it’s a beautiful and sunnyplace named, Torrevieja!

The city is located in Southeastern Alicante province, Spain. It truly is a beautiful place with lots of sunshine, refreshing beaches, welcoming people and wonderful architecture, that surrounds every step that you take!

the trip..

The flight has been delayed for one hour which weren’t happy news at all. The thing that was even worse was that my laptop was really low on battery..*savage* and I couldn’t get any of the work done. In the end, everything worked out and we finally took off. After a few hours, a wave of heat welcomed us to something that sounded like a promising & fun trip!

Even though I’ve been to Spain before, every time I have the opportunity to come here, it’s always something I look forward to. The vibes of the culture and the lifestyle of the locals is what really fascinates me, not to mention the rhythmic language and the tasteful food.. and the weather, can’t forget about the stunning , especially summer , weather! Luckily, my Spanish has gotten better in the last few years as I’ve upgraded my, gusta, loco, si, no, porque, si, corazon, Enrique Iglesias, salsa vocabulary. LOL So I’ve added a few extra adjectives to embarass myself a little less. Just kidding, since I’ve had Spanish in school, I can easily speak a few senteces before throwing the “no se” excuse! Hah.

I’m really excited to be here and I’ll keep you posted these weeks with a lot of cool and summery content. Come back for your daily Spanish doze every day, except for Wednesday & Saturday, (for the next 2 weeks). Those days you’ll only find me at the beach, ’cause I’d rather stay here and work all day, instead of going to the beach, said no one ever.

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Miriam Elizabeth

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