Hello from Spain, babes! It’s such a beautiful day today &  perfect time to hit the beach and get a tan, right? It only takes a few minutes from where I’m staying to get to the finest and nearest beach, where I love spending most of my time. Relaxing and enjoying the sun, feeling the soft sand under my feet, and whenever I feel like refreshing;  getting in the water for a quick swim, it’s definitely one of the things I enjoy most while being on holidaty!

Before making an appearance at the beach, it’s important to remember a few golden tips; use sunscreen with the right SPF, drink lots of water and protect your head from the sun,  whilst having lots of fun. Yet, another important thing is choosing the right swimsuit! Speaking of swimsuits, I’d like to share with you a cover up piece which are think are just as important as swimsuits,  that I’ve been really loving!  I always wear cover up pieces  to the beach or pool, as they are a great and essential piece! They are elegant to wear over your bikini, instead of going only in bikini from your room to the pool/beach. They are also pretty affordable and most of them are also really cute.  Check my favorites down below.

The one that I’m wearing today is from H&M. 

The pattern is what really caught my eyes, as it reminds me off a dress Jennifer Lopez wore a long time ago. This cover up it’s really nice, it dries fast after eventually being wet and it’s super fashionable as well!


I don’t really stress much about bikini trends and things like that, I mean, as long as I pick a bikini that fits me well and makes me look my best, it’s all that really matters for me. I love feeling good when I’m at the beach and the bikini that I choose has to make me feel comfortable and cute at the same time. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a bikini yourself. See Bikini Tips below for more details.

The first thing you should think about is your body shape. There are different body shapes, all beautiful but different, that’s why you should know your body shape. Your body shape will determine the type of bikini you should go for, and also what you should eventually  highlight or downplay, if prefered. When choosing a bikini, the cut, the color and the fabric are important factors, since they make a difference on how the swimsuit is going to look on you. I came up with a few tips that hopefully will help you pick the right bikini for you. See Bikini Tips below



The bikini that I wore to the beach today is from H&M and I really love the simplicity and the pattern of it. It makes me feel comfortable and confident whenever I wear it, & it’s also really simple to tie the straps in different ways if I’m fancying different looks.

How to have a beach body? Have a body and go to the beach. It’s really important to choose a swimsuit that you like so you can feel and look your best, but try to not worry and overthink to omuch when it comesdown  to your body. You are beautiful just the way you are! I know that many girls and women struggle with this, especially when the beach season arrives, and sometimes even myself. I’m not looking quite my best this summer, thinking about the goals I had for myself throughout the year, I must admit I skipped a great amount of workouts, but HI! I have a body and a pretty healthy one that I’m thankful for and love,  and so I think that’s all that truly  matters!

The most important thing is to feel good in your own skin! 

If you haven’t picked a swimsuit yet, or you are looking for another one, I picked a few that you might just  like. Click on my favorites pieces to find out more!  At the end, remember what truly matters this summer, go outside and have fun! 

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