A story time has been a requested post for quite some time now so I though I would sit down with a cup of coffee and share with you my very first story time travelling edition! I really hope it inspires and helps you a little for when you’ll be travelling yourself. I also hope you like this story type of post, and if you do feel free to share it with your friends! Any questions and thoughts can be left in the comments section down below. Happy Reading! X

A few hours before heading to the airport, it’s important that you make sure everything it’s correctly & well packed and ready. I recommend you take some time for yourself to take a shower, relax and have a snack before you  getting on your way to the airport, especially if airport vibes usually stresses you out. If your flight is in the morning then it’s really nice to be able to have breakfast, get ready and head out, but then make sure everything is packed the night before. If your flight is at night a few hours of sleep can really help you, especially if you know you can’t get any Zzz during your flight.

My flight was at 20:00 which was kind of fine because even if the flight has been delayed for one hour, the duration  of the flight was three hours. Anyway, it’s important you make sure everything is packed and that you’re rested and ready for the flight no matter how short or long it is, a few hours before the action.

Before heading out it’s important to double check everything. A great idea can be to have a list and then crossing off every single thing after you check/make sure you have it. Make sure your baggage is weighting as much as it should and that you don’t have any of the things that you should not be having in your in-flight baggage. Make also sure you have all the papers/documents and tickets you’ll be needing for your trip, therefore make sure you keep an eye on the important stuff!

Outfit & Makeup

 The outfit that I wore was very comfortable and casual, but put-together at the same time. I wore NIKE leggings, a V-neck white t-shirt, a denim jacket and then my Converse. It’s important to dress chic, but most importantly, adequate for the flight. I always make sure I don’t wear any metal things like jewelry, belts and other accessories because then I’m gonna need to take them off when going through the security section, and personallyI think  it’s unnecessary making a jazz out of that lol. I also make sure I have a thin jacket in case it gets cold during the flight. The key is to dress comfortable and to feel good about your outfit, since you’ll be wearing the same one for a few hours.      


 I didn’t have any makeup on during the flight, but before I got to the airport I applied a thick layer of moisturizing cream to my face, and lip balm in order to protect my skin from breakouts. My skin can get really dry during the flight and so I make sure to drink enough of water, even if that means to go to the toilet really, I mean REALLY often. I put the hair in a braided ponytail to keep it away from my face and look more polished at the same time.

Packing & Food/Beverages

Packing for holiday can be both difficult and stressing. I only packed a few things, the most essential  things  that I knew I was going to need while being away.  It depends on your destination, but for example, I haven’t packed any hair products since I knew I could just get what I needed where I was going. It’s all about packing light and minimalistic, this way you will have a little extra space for the new things you will bring back home from your holiday.

Make sure you pack correctly and a great thing to do is to check the rules that the company you’re flying with has, this way you won’t have any bad surprises at the airport. Another thing is food, and if you are not having the type of flight that offers you food on board, a great idea might be to bring some snacks with you because there are big chances you will get hungry during your flight. You could make sure you go through a boutique at the airport, but remember that only after the security section you can have liquids . (you can get liquids from the Tax Free shop near your gate).

Things to do on plane 

On board can be a great idea to either keep yourself busy or get a nap. I always bring with me my phone and headphones and I listen to music most of the time. Magazines and books are always a good thing to have with you, if you are into them. Watching a movie or your prefered tv series could be a great activity on board as well. Or if you’re fancying, you could bring up your laptop and work. Just make sure you bring a few things with you so you don’t end up dying of boredom. You won’t, but still.

Miriam Elizabeth



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    Great sum up of yr travelling prep!
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  • Lisa Marie Agius
    2017-05-22 at 10:52 AM

    Very usefull for me as I always leave things too the last possible minute haha.. great read loved it ❤️

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