Sharing with you how I enjoy my sunny mornings in Spain.. 



In the summer I don’t like waking up by alarm, only if I really need to, but even if I let myself wake up naturally most of the days, I still want to get up pretty early. Waking up early, especially when I’m on holiday, makes the day longer and leaves room for more things to do! I don’t always wake up this early, but today was one of those days..

After I wake up, I usually check really quick all of my social media and things like that, and then I take a few seconds to stretch and to realize that it’s a new day and I should be thankful for it! After that, I head to the bathroom to get ready for the day, and I actually only brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and then I put on moisturizer, sunscreen and a tint of lip balm.. only the basics you know.. and I’m good to go!

I haven’t actually worn any makeup since I got here because I try to really let my face breath and heal, by not wearing any makeup, drinking lots of water and eating clean. When it comes to my hair, I either put it in a messy bun or a braided ponytail, anything to keep it away from my face!


Now it’s time for breakfast! I start with a full glass of lemon and orange fresh pressed juice that ‘s so delicious and good for the body! Then I usually eat something light so I’ll still be able to workout  or go for a walk, and sometimes I really go vegan and eat half of watermelon or a bowl of fruits, but then other days I’ll make myself a sandwich or a typical Spanish breakie. It really depends on what I’m in the mood for! 


By this time I usually change into my workout clothes  and get out to move my body. I’m either going on a walk on the beach which I’ve been loving doing as early as possible, just in time to catch the sunrise. I’d also workout in the park near me or go and explore the neighbourhood a little, exactly  what I did today. I went all by myself and explored the area, and even though I’ve been there before like three years ago, it was still nice to get out and see new things.

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After I come back from my walk or workout, I’m taking  a shower and a fruit  to chill out for a few minutes. That’s also the time I grab my laptop and work on the blog. After a few minutes I find my beach bag and make sure I have everything that I need  for the day and then I hit the beach.


By this time, I come back and most of the times I usually kill some time by the pool. It’s really nice  & refreshing getting in the pool after going all the way from the beach back to where I’m staying. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes, but it’s getting really hot, especially by the time I come back from the beach.

After that, it’s time for lunch or even dinner time, really depends on my hunger levels *lol* and then I’d normally work more on the blog, maybe even take a nap before going back to the fun things. This is pretty much my morning routine, nothing too fancy.

Miriam Elizabethh



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