In addition to good mood and a positive mindset, there are a couple of other things you should make sure you pack when going to a festival! Packing for a festival or any trip honestly, can sometimes be hard, and forgetting something essential is always unpleasant and inconvenient. That’s exactly why this survival guide has been brought to you!

A little disclaimer that needs to be put out there – not all of the following things are necessary for a music festival. Packing is different from person to person as everyone is different, therefore some things might be more important to someone than it might be to someone else. But still, there are certain things everyone should pack so take a look for yourself, before you start packing!

Cell phone (obviously) + (portable) charger and extra battery as your phone will most likely die.

Camera + charger (if preferred)

I.D. & Tickets – to avoid awkward and unnecessary situations.

Cash and Bank Card (bank card for mostly emergencies – you might like to consider keeping it safe in your vehicle/locker)

Medical ID (if needed)

Map/Direction or GPS – if necessary

Weather says it’s going to be raining? Bring your summer dress. Weather says it’s going to be hot and sunny? Bring a hoodie. You never know how weather can change , and you can’t afford taking such chances at a music festival, and that shouldn’t be the thing that’s going to be keeping you away from having the time of your life. Be prepared for every type of weather (feel safe to cross the winter season off..lol) & and bring more items than less.

Underwear & socks + a lot of extras (if the festival is more than a day long)

Long pants/shorts

Dresses & Skirts (this goes for the boys too if preferred)

T-shirts/Tank tops

Swimsuits (you never know!)

Rain jacket or a trash bag (works just as fine lol)

Sun stuff – Sunglasses, sun hats + sun protection

Sandals & Rainboots are a must

 A great idea is to pick a few outfits before going to the festival. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re going to be wearing which will definitely save you a lot of time and room..

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In addition to personal picks, there are a few items that are so festival related! Keep on reading..

Flash/Temporary Tattoos – are definitely a must as they have become a staple in festival fashion, the last couple of years. Really easy to use, super affordable and turn every outfit to the next level!

Boots – they’re both cool and important. Protect your toes by wearing a pair of boots, as you’d probably want to wear closed-toes shoes over sandals/flipflops, especially at the concerts. (you WILL be stepped on). They also make a great rain alternative shoes, for when you’ll be forced to catwalk through festival mud.

Nightime Throw on – during the night time, the temperatures sink and a hoodie/light jacket will come in hand!

A cross body bag or back pack – this lessens the high risk of losing something as your essentials are all in one place. Your hands will thank you for the freedom!

Friendly clothes – as you have probably noticed, sweat is being a mentioned a lot during festival chats, because you just can’t avoid it. Instead of wearing skin-tight clothes, try loose-fitting one instead. Sweet victory!

Deodorant (make everyone a favor!), dry shampoo for fresh as a daisy hair aka lifesaver; blotting wipes to fight against sweat consequences and greasiness. Extras (such as hair elastics, body spray/lotion and chapsticks)

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Aspirin (your head will probably scream for it), Burn Cream, Allergy Medicine, Cough Drops, Sanitizer and other personal picks – pick up a basic first aid kit or make your own.

There will be a medic somewhere there (festival area lol), but a personal first aid will still come in hand. 

When it comes to accomodation a tent is always a good idea, but if you’re looking for something even more cozy & luxurious at the same time, this camper company, Cozy Camper Hire Manchester, will make your dream come true!

PS : Trestokk Festivalen offers free pitches on both sides of the festival area with plenty of room for everyone!

Here are the essentials you should consider :

A camping tent – if you’re feeling adventurous & you’re not sleeping in your car.

A flag – not only is it cool, but it comes really handy when you’re trying to find your friends/spot among other tents.

A cooler/portable grill… self-explanatory, right?

Trash bags and toilet paper – you figure it out yourself.

Folding Lawn Chairs/Air Mattress/Blankets  – believe it or not you’re going to actually want to sit & relax for a bit.

A refillable water bottle of great quality. We all know how important water is, but especially at an event like this! Between the dancing sweating & the heat, it’s too easy to get dehydrated.

Nobody want to be taken away by an ambulance because of the dehydration, so make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. Especially one that you can easily reuse without starting to stink the least meal you’ve had. Yuck.

A portable Mini fan will be your crush. They are so essential to carry around, especially if it’s a mini hand-held one!

Snacks & Snack and more Snacks – granola and energy bars, nuts, chips and other easily-packed snacks are great to have with you. Festival food can be ridiculously expensive, so bringing snacks couldn’t be more convenient – for when you just want something to snack on!

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