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Fearless & Forceful Female – those are words to remember! We women don’t not always feel fearless and forceful, but when we do, we run the world! For those days when we don’t, we can always pick up the right pieces and create an outfit that will make us feel that way! You know the saying, fake it until you make it!

When you don’t feel fearless and forceful as the woman you truly are, a well-put together & confidence booster outfit will do the work! Sometimes feeling confident by wearing an outfit that you feel good in, doing your hair or putting on makeup can really affect your inner mood in a positive way! It’s a promise!

Who run the world? Girls. When we do feel fearless & forceful we are able to be the best that we can be! I choose to be a GOAL digger, and this outfit empowers me to be just that! 

I’ve always been of fan of combining completely different pieces together for a cool effect! This outfit is definitely one of my favorites as it truly is my style and therefore it makes me feel confident… you know, especially for those days when I don’t quite feel myself!

I’m combining sporty-looking pants with a white and simple shirt, underneath a black and classy blazer. I’m wearing my lacey heels to complete the look, which in the beginning I haven’t quite been a fan of, but now I’ve grown to absolutely love them! The rest of the outfit is intentionally pretty basic, as the heels are contributing to spicing up the outfit just the right amount!

Excuse my bandaged feet though, they’ve been suffering quite a lot because of a miserable pair of sandals!

I really love this pick-me-up outfit, including pieces I absolutely love and feel comfortable in, as well as pieces that aren’t quite basic, as my heels! This is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain – wearing such an outfit in days when you need an extra booster for a confident attitude, will make a huge difference, for sure!

Tracky Pants from Bikbok – got them a while ago & sold out now! Ops.

Blazer from H&M  

White Shirt from SistersPoint – sold out

Heels are Donna Girl – got them a few years ago, couldn’t find online

This outfit might not be your style, but maybe a floral dress or velvety pieces instead, are what you mostly prefer? Such pieces can be your best friend, especially in days you don’t feel fearless and forceful. By wearing them with style and confidence even when you don’t quite feel like it, it will positively influence your inner mood as well!

Now, remember the words to remember – Fearless & Forceful Female!

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Miriam Elizabeth  



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  • Irina Iepuras
    2017-06-16 at 11:54 AM

    Your outfit is amazing! You are amazing girl! XOXO

  • Jessica
    2017-06-17 at 3:07 AM

    I love menswear inspired pieces on women. You rock this suit so well babe!

    Jessica |

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