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Before speaking of the latest trends and extravagant pieces, a topic that should firstly be discussed is wardrobe basics. Such essentials should be found in every single wardrobe as they are easy to combine with other pieces and go with pretty much everything! The best part though is that they never go out of style, and because they’re timeless – investing in high quality basics is a great idea as they will last you for a long time! Keep on reading to find out my wardrobe essentials!

Starting off with the upper part, my essentials are a denim/white shirt,shop 2018 bridesmaid dresses UK / a leather jacket / a bomber jacket, as they’ve become my favorites and are super popular as well, because they go with a lot of outfits. My not-so leather jacket is from Jolly Chic, but I truly recommend investing in a really good leather quality as it looks better and will last you longer. I’ve been wanting to get a nice leather jacket for quite some time now, and talking about it makes me just wanting one more.

Denim jackets can be an essential as well, but personally, I’ve never quite been a fan of them. Maybe only because I’ve never quite found one that truly matches my style? If you find one that suits you well, keep it close as it goes with lots of combinations and it’s a great touch to a summer outfit.

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Moving on, a white t-shirt – as it looks chic, but it’s a super basic piece that goes with everything casual / and stripped blouses. You can skip these blouses, but I love them! I love that you can dress them down and dress them up at the same time, just as easily! / white/black tank tops, t-shirts and blouses – they go with everything and you can never go wrong with them!

celebrity dresses

When it comes to the second part, I have three main picks, a white pair of jeans – mine are from Zara / a pair of black jeans, if they have a bit of leather as well, it’s even better – black jeans are an essential as they go with literally everything. Even though, the white jeans might turn black at the end of the day, it’s still important to have a clean pair of black jeans always available in the wardrobe – they will always save you! Ah, and of course a good pair of denim jeans. They’re timeless!

Also, a black pencil skirt is really nice having in your wardrobe, even if it’s laying lonely in the back of your wardrobe, let it be. You never know when you might need it! Especially for work, they make a great outfit as it looks both professional and put-together at the same time. I’m keeping mine as well, even though I don’t wear it very often.

For shoes, a pair of nude heels – mine are from Anna Cori / white sneakers / classic pair of ballerinas are some of my essentials. I must say that I don’t actually own that pair of ballerinas, so you can easily skip them if they aren’t your style!

There is a full post all about nude heels – here 

These are my essentials, a few basics that makes our styling lives easier! Let me know which are yours and if you’re missing anything – see my favorites below!

Thank you for tuning in!


Miriam Elizabeth



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  • Fatima
    2017-06-20 at 3:59 PM

    Great post, Miriam. I agree that a white shirt is an essential! My must-haves would include a similar mix… a grey loose tee, jeans and black trainers – a classic casual look, in my opinion 🙂

    Fatima x

  • Erin
    2017-06-21 at 11:38 PM

    So many good key pieces! xx, Erin –

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