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Sitting down with a cup of coffee and getting some bloggin’ work done is my favorite type of work to do! Being able to express myself through the things that I love the most, like photography and writing by having my own spot to interpret one of my biggest passion, fashion – makes me the happiest! Today I’ll be catching up with work, but with you by my side! I’m also going to be answering some of the most asked questions that I get!

Let’s start, shall we?

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When and why did you mainly start your blog?

So, I’ve started my blog late Spring of 2016, and as the blog grew to a certain stage, I wanted it to be as good as it could be so that the blog would be able to grow even more. Therefore, I upgraded the blog from Blogger to its own domain and platform WordPress, got a personalized web design, as well as creating a new email account + social media platforms for the blog.

This year on the 29th of January, I’ve relaunched the blog, under a more polished name, with more meaning, background story & professional apperance. Ever since then, the blog has surprisingly grown a lot and has changed significantly in a positive way, something I’m both grateful for and proud of!

The reason I’ve launched my blog in the first place, is because I’ve always been a creative person, consequently, I’ve always felt the need to express myself. Even though I’d have a less good day, after a little while, an idea would pop up and I’d get caught up in a creative process once again. I remember being little and almost jumping by the entrance of the creative thoughts, as so many ideas would come up and they would somehow overwhelm me.

You see, I’ve always been a creative mind, therefore combining writing, photography, and the love for all inspiring things by creating my own little spot, has just been a matter of course. Having the possibility to express myself just the way I want, has always been a wish and need.


Do you enjoy blogging? What is the fun part about blogging?

Of course, I do! Otherwise I wouldn’t do it, as I so dislike doing things that I don’t like – especially blogging! You need to be passionate about it, in order to keep creating great content and grow! Blogging requires so much devotement and passion. Without devotement and a lot of passion, I wouldn’t have spent hours and hours working on projects. Not only I enjoy blogging, I love it!

Even though it is mostly still a hobby, there is a lot of work involved, something most people might not quite understand. It might not feel like work to me as I love doing what I do, and I would honestly work hours after hours without complaining – but I wouldn’t be able to do that if I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I do, because then it would have felt like work. Does that make sense, haha?!

“Do what you love and love what you do”

The fun part about blogging is obviously the feedback that I get from you guys! It makes me really happy to see how much you enjoy my posts, that it helped you or inspired you, not to even mention all the nice comments! I’m grateful for these things as it truly is a confirmation of the hard work that I put into the content that I create! Thank you!


Tips for a beginner blogger

Think about why you want to start or have started your blog. Is it because of the wish to earn quick money? Blogging is not a quick-earning-money source, and it might take months, even years before you start earning your very first dollars. Blogging requires a lot of work and passion, because if you don’t love what you do 110%, you won’t come a long way. You need to be determined to work a lot, because only by working hard you will come where you wish to be!

Create high quality and helpful/inspiring content. I only create content that I’d have enjoyed it myself as a reader. Before I post anything, I ask myself: will this help/inspire someone? Is it worth it? Is it the best that it could get or could I make it better? Etc. It’s important that your content is high quality, otherwise people won’t come back to your blog, but choose another blog to read. That’s exactly the problem – now there are so many blogs to choose from! Remember though, you don’t need to be THE BEST compared to everyone, but the best that you can be.

No need to own the last camera on the market to be a good blogger! At least  in the beginning it’s not a must! Work with what you have and create the best content that you can create. It’s not enough with the saying – “it’s good enough”. It has to be the best that it can get – and there is always room for improvement.

Because there are many more bloggers, especially in my niche – it’s very important to not become one of them, as you can easily fall into the storm of one of the many. Be unique and show through your content who you truly are! Be genuine and stay true to yourself!

SiteGround! If you’re thinking serious about blogging, I recommend getting your own domain! Before starting over on WordPress, I used to use Blogger – which is Google’s official blogging platform. It was definitely great – easy to use with few options and abilities.

The reason I actually moved to WordPress is because there are so many more options that you get and more fun – also, nobody can shut you down! I’ve also got my own domain name, which is truly important for a professional blog, by choosing  Siteground! Why Siteground? Siteground is a more safe hosting company with excellent services.


SiteGround is truly the best web hosting company out there! From affordable prices to an amazing assistance/support team! I really recommend choosing SiteGround, hands down, the best! I’ve myself heard of SiteGround from many bloggers and through my web designer, which I knew I could trust when asking for recommendations!

This is an amazing tool, especially for a beginner blog in order to start with the right foot – but also for everyone else as you can easily move your content to SiteGround without losing anything! Click here for more details & let me know if you’d like a full post on it with a step by step process followed by photos, and tips & tricks!

Miriam Elizabeth


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