Since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with all papery things; books, cards, dresses, hair wigs,magazines, notebooks, drawing paper and so does the list continues. Because I’ve always been a creative person, I’ve always loved to keep myself busy with small projects, mostly like reading, writing and making cards. As the years have passed, I’ve only grown to love spending time doing those activities that bring me so much joy, just even more. One of the things that has changed though, over the past years /thanks to technology/, is the way I work on my daily dose of creativity /cards!

I’ve always loved making cards, everything from birthday cards, to “you’re the best mama” to “get well soon” and so on. Really funny how I went from spending hours on drawing hearts and trying not to color outside the lines, to creating cards in only a few clicks. PaperlessPost has set my creativity free in the online space by offering me tons of inspiration and possibilities to create the professional and beautiful cards I’ve always dreamt of / just even better!

Why I love PaperlessPost so much? Easy. It’s not only because I get to create beautiful cards in only a few steps, but also because of the concept. As most of us love technology, the best way to save the trees while enjoying a fantastic new feature, is creating online cards! I love how easy it is to use the service, how many designs there is to choose from /everything from birthday, wedding, business cards to thank you notes and holiday cards / how great it truly is!

Sending a card, has never been easier!

To get started all you need is to create an account, purchase the amount of coins you’d like to have and get started! Choose between tons of different designs, the one you love the most, edit it and send it to the lucky-card-receiver! I love that instead of writing a normal type of mail, those cards are also a really fun way to spice up your messages!

It is also a really nice way of saying “thank you” or “I love you” for that matter in a more polished way. Choose between various designs and designers /there is something for everyone’s taste! My favorite designers are definitely Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, (those florals are to dye for!) and Vera Wang. See all invitations here

Loving this Kate Spade one! How pretty!

I’m so truly happy to have found PaperlessPost aka the best way possible to make someone smile, invite to the birthday party or wedding, or just to simply say “hello”. Stunning designs that are so easy to personalize (fonts, colors, size), and most importantly, the lucky-card-receiver will receive the card in just a few moments! Better than this? Impossible! Read all about it here :


Well, it does get better than this – as I’ve partnered up with PaperlessPost, I’ll be giving away 300 coins to TWO lucky-card-makers. All you need to do is to head over to Instagram and follow @paperlesspost and @iammiriammilitaru and comment on my the Paperless post (one of the pics from this post) with the hashtag lovepaperlesspost. The winner will be chosen randomly on 10 October and will be contacted via DM. Good luck everyone! X







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