Green Pizza with a bit of color

I don’t know if I really love cooking in general, but one thing is for sure, I love food! Therefore, spending time in the kitchen is both a satisfying activity and a must!I love mixing my favorites ingredients together and experimenting new dishes, meaning I pretty much follow recipes only when I’m doing a certain dish. Today I was in the mood for a pesto type of dish and because I’m a huge fan of pizza, today’s dinner turned out to be a pesto pizza!


I wanted it to be a green pizza, with pesto as the base and sprinkled with fresh broccoli and frozen spinach on top. I really tried to keep it green, but just couldn’t not add a drop of color and so I added a few slices of tomato on top.


This pizza turned out to be delicious, easy to make and healthier than the regular Capriciosa!


Regular pizza dough – You can go for your favorite pizza dough, even the one you find at the stores works fine. If you don’t have one, you can make the one I did which is super simple to make and super tasty!


Here is what you’ll need:


1.2 cups of lukewarm water

25 g active dry yeast

4 tbsp oil

1 teaspoon salt

Ca. 3 cups of flour 



Instead of the pizza sauce, I’ve used pesto as the base! Then I’ve used fresh broccoli and frozen spinach which I’ve stirred in the pan for a couple of minutes with condiments for even more taste. If you’d like to, feel free to add more ingredients or to change those with anything else. For a bit of color and more deliciousness, I’ve also added a few slices of tomatoes on top!




In the oven for around 20-30 minutes at 220°.




As you can tell, mine turned out a little bit crispy just the way I like it since I left it in the oven for a little longer, but you can take yours out when the veggies are still raw or… whenever you’d like!





Recently I’ve been obsessed with pesto! Maybe too much, as I’ve been incorporating in almost every single meal. I might just make it homemade next time and share it over here eventually!


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