Must Have Fashion Items for the fall season

Fall has officially arrived and so did all the new and exciting collections at my favorite online shopping destinations! Today I’m bringing you along with me in the search of the must-have pieces for the season. 

Let’s play, shall we?


This season I’m definitely lovin’ sweaters in something that isn’t black. There are so many more other colors and patterns to choose from that would match the vibe of the season and isn’t a black shade. Because even in the fall time, we need a splash of color, at least I do – and because I’m guilty of wearing too much black, this season I’m getting my sweaters in all the other colors! 



I’ve always loved me a cozy coat for the fall season, one that would keep me warm and stylish at the very same time! Not only did I find one that I really like, but two that I absolutely love and struggle to choose from. Maybe I should purchase both, wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? 

Feel free to check the website as they have many to choose from. As for me, I’ve already made up my mind! 


We all know that fall time means also boots time and scarf time – (how beautiful is that scarf though?)! I don’t know about you, but personally I’m super excited to start wearing my boots again, I don’t know but there is something about boots that make me feel put together when wearing them. I mean, a great pair of boots can really boots your confidence and add some spark to your life in the fall days.


Those two pair of boots are definitely on my wish list this season, by the simply fact that they’re absolutely stunning. The black pair is gorgeous and I really love that belt detail, as I think it makes the boots look more interesting. The other pair is a gorgeous pair of sophisitcated boots in the most beautiful blue shade ever! I mean, look at ’em!


There are so many pairs to choose from, who said boots need to be boring or basic? Find your dream pair and wear them with confidence, and if you get them earlier, you might just save a few extra dollars!

Take a look for yourself HERE and find your favorites as well!

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