If there’s one thing that always makes me happy, no matter what – then that thing is definitely food. As silly at it sounds, food does really have a positive impact on my mood and I can promise you I’m not the only one that can agree on this! Like, raise your hand if you’re a foodie just like me! No? Ok.

Because eating is a necessity, and cooking is an art – I’ll be showing you what I’ve been up to and cooking today. Not like it is any sort of art, though I must say my breakfast turned out to be pretty Instagrammable! Wink?



This breakfast has been my go-to breakfast lately, no wonder it’s been all over my Instagram feed. I’ve been obsessed with Sweet Chilli Sauce, that goes just absolutely amazing with avocado and two-ingredients omelette. 

It’s so easy to make and it’s done in just a few minutes! If you don’t have extra time in the morning on working days, you can still treat yourself with a pretty healthy and delicious breakfast like this one on the weekend!




For lunch, I made a home-made special mashed potato with home-made schnitzels and two different salads – malfouf and veggie. I can’t even tell you how good it all truly tasted!


You don’t need to make both salads, and you can also skip either the meat or mashed potato if you’d like a lighter version of this meal. 




So I love experimenting in the kitchen by combining my favorite ingredients into a new dish. That’s exactly what I did at dinner and it turned out to be surprisingly delicious! I’ll  definitely be making more of this from now on! 


It’s basically a sort of rice stew with vegetables and lots of love, topped with parmezan. Super easy to make and it only takes around 20-30 minutes to make! Does not get any better!









Thought I’d also share with you one of my favorite desserts which obviously contains chocolate

chocolate fondant

I remember trying it out for the first time a while ago while on holiday, and ever since then I’ve been keen on making it myself at home.








I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a backstage look and found this post inspiring in a way. Leave your thoughts below in the comments section and join the conversation!

Thank you for stopping by! x 


Miriam Militaru

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  • Jessica
    2017-10-21 at 3:33 AM

    Love these yummy options. The dessert has to be my favorite but your breakfast meal looks divine too!

    Jessica |

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