Your new shopping best friend AD

If you know me well enough, then you know that when I truly want something, I get it. Well,
from words to actual actions it’s bit of a process and often times I end up all frustrated in the
middle of it.

Because you see, either that’s a blouse I’ve been wanting to get or a bag that I need
for the night, getting my hands on those wished items can be kind of a struggle, especially when
the time and resources are limited. In those situations, I’d say yes without even blinking, to an
easier and faster shopping process! I mean, who wouldn’t?


In collaboration with FNDR, I’m super excited to be sharing with you the app that’s has
improved my life and will improve yours as well… at least, make the process faster and more
fun! I’ve got the chance to test it out before the big launch, so keep on reading to find out all
about it so and get excited yourself about the launch! In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted
about the launching date!

This ah-mazing app, does not only make the shopping process WAY easier, but it also gives
you a fabulous shopping experience, in addition to exclusive deals and the opportunity to
discover precious local shops you haven’t heard of yet.


FNDR it’s a platform that gives you access to information and deals from the shops situated
near you. It’s basically a GPS for your shopping love, that comes with a great system and lots of
options for you to choose from – such as the distance you’re willing to go, budget and selection
of favorites brands and stores. The payment part is even cooler; You purchase the items on the
app and when arriving at the chosen store, you only pick up the purchased items.


Another of the many great things about this app is that it notifies you when an item is available
in the selected distance area. Let’s say I want the blouse I mentioned earlier, but it isn’t available
in the selected distance area of 1,5 km – if the blouse is out of the sudden available within the
1,5 km area, then you’ll hear a woohoo.


How great is that? Hold on and guess what!

Things get even better – that voice could be a well-known star, as one of the FNDR team
bumped into a Hollywood star in London and asked to use the star’s voice for the app. How
flippin cool is that the star said yes? More stars got eventually involved afterwards, and hopefully
in the future Enrique Iglesias will be on the list as well. It’s not like I’m planning on listening to
his woohoo all day…or maybe.





So if you are keen on trying the app out for yourself, it’s now available for downloading HERE



PS : Only available within Oslo region 


This post is sponsored by FNDR. All opinions are personal.


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