I’ve always loved a great tint on my lips, especially beautiful nude tones. I’ve been so loving most type of nudes, as such shades are flattering and super natural looking. Pinks on the other side, are not quite my favorites – most probably because all my lipglosses I had when I was 12 were pink shades with tons of GLITTER. LOL. In the winter time though, I mostly go for darker shades such as nude, purple and even black shades – and this year I have so many favorites to share with y’all! 

There is a Norwegian makeup brand named MakeupMekka – I believe I talked about it before, but the reason I choose to talk about it again it’s because it really is a cool brand! I wish there were more similar brands like this one internationally, brands that sell both high quality products and that are pretty affordable at the same time! I mean, MAC lipsticks are amazing – everything from the scent that they have to the sleek look; and all the way to the most important part, the actual product. But to be real honest, they are not that affordable. Therefore on the other side, I like that MakeupMekka offers a more affordable yet, real good alternative! 

What I love most about these lipsticks is that they last for a really long time. Last weekend, I went out and had a (delicious!) dinner, and the lipstick was still on even after I finished. They’re really long lasting and just as pigmented. You might in fact need to use a lipstick remover in order to take off the lipstick properly! By the way, MakeupMekka does not test their products on animals, the ingredients that they use are high-quality and they also offer vegan products for the extra concious ones! 

This year I love my lipsticks to be on a colder tone and I’m switching between red, purple and nude shades! My favorite lipsticks from my lipstick collection are all at the moment from MakeupMekka and I promise you, this is not a sponsored post or anything. I purchased the advent calendar as I was looking for new shades for the season and I came across this pack which consisted of  24 full size lipsticks and the whole calendar costed only 300 NOK (approx. 36$). Say what?

They all have a gorgeous vanilla scent and are super pigmented and creamy! Some of them have a creamy matte finish, while others a more smooth finish! They also have tons of shades to choose from, and even if you are to purchase only one – the price it’s still convenient! MakeupMekka has always great deals! 






Among many beautiful shades, some of my absolute favorites are..

Weekend / HERE 

Red CarpetHERE 

Wild / HERE 

Closer / HERE

Trouble / HERE 


Thank you for reading! 

Miriam Militaru

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