It has really been the most wonderful time of the year!

Regardless of things like gifts and fancy dinners, the true celebration of Christmas brings hope and true joy! I hope everyone has celebrated Christmas and rejoiced the significant birth of Jesus!

Wishing everyone a joyful evening! 

With Love, Miriam


You might have seen a few super festive photos from Bergen – one of the most beautiful cities in Norway ❤︎on my Instagram. You can always follow me HERE 


It has been absolutely amazing to be able to visit the city in such holiday season, to see all the decorations, to warm up in a cute café with a coffee and funny stories or Italian dinner with the family. I love those getaways and this one in particular has been a well-deserved one!

Today, I’m sharing exclusive photos from the trip, look below!  

Last year, I shared with you another getaway which was the exact opposite of this one –

you can take a look HERE to find out more! –

Getaways because..

“Every once in a while, a getaway is something we all need and deserve. I can’t even tell you how well appreciated this weekend getaway truly was. Getting away with my loved ones, somewhere far away from home and routines, being together and having a good time was honestly ah-mazing!”


warming up at Starbucks because baby, it’s cold outside! ❤︎ 


Outift details.. 

Coat from H&M 

Belt from Bik Bok

Sweater from H&m 

Hat from Bik Bok

Christmas Market at night + ferris wheel ride

Dinner + more coffee

Sneak peak from the Christmas Market 

Thank you for stopping by! x

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  • Eli militaru
    2018-01-01 at 3:32 PM

    Proud of you😍😘

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