Just when I thought that my Instagram feed wouldn’t get much more wintery this year, the snow has unexpectedly shown up at my doorstep. And because winter has officially arrived, (yep, just right after Christmas), I’ve prepared a whole post for you – a post to keep you warm! So make yourself a cup of coffee or tea for physical warmth and I’ll make sure you have a wintery great read! ♥

Keep on reading to find out my must-haves and wishlist for this brrr season!

happy winter

For the winter time, I’ve always had my must-have products, essentials such as a super moisturizing lip balm, a hydrating hand cream and an adjustable skincare routine. Not to mention, a great scent and gorgeous darker-shade makeup looks. But for now, let’s talk about the basics – here are some of my essentials:

A lip balm is a must-have pretty much all year round, even though is pretty underestimated by many. In the summertime, you may want to use it to protect your lips from sunburn (SPF), whilst in the wintertime you may use it to protect your lips from the cold. Either ways, a great lip balm moisturizes, protects and leaves your lips super soft, plumped and moisturized! SPF is essential all year round!

I’ve been loving the Baby Lips lip balms from Maybelline, the EOS ones that are so adorable looking and of course, my all-time favorites from Nivea. Although, they’re all great, this year I’ll be trying out more brands as I want my lips to always be soft and moisturized! 

my top 5 lip products

1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE / 4 HERE / 5 HERE 

Another beauty essential for me, especially for the wintertime it’s always a hydrating hand cream. What I like to do is to carry one with me in my handbag when I’m out, to make sure I can reapply whenever I need to. This way I’m preventing my hands from drying out and instead I’m keeping them nice and soft!

If your hands are really dry, I recommend applying a few thick layers of a really hydrating cream – try to find one that contains either shea butter or almond oil as such ingredients are amazing at moisturizing. You can easily find such creams at pharmacies or drugstores – there are also many brands that offer great ones. Take a look below!










1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE / 4 HERE / 5 HERE 

In addition, I have a few beauties that are up on my wishlist at the moment. Ever since I went to Rituals, I’ve been having one or another product on my wishlist. If you have ever been into a Rituals store than you probably know what I’m talking about – everything from the cosmetics and clothing, to skincare and candles – so much to fall in love with! I love the unique scents that they have and the overall concept of the brand – not to mention the beautiful looking products! Have you ever tried Rituals?


1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE / 4 HERE / 5 HERE 

I’ve recently discovered a new online destination of beauty products but not only – and I already love it! It’s called Bangerhead, and they offer brands such as Rituals (my absolute FAVORITE at the moment by the way – did I mention that?), Anastasia Beverly Hills and a huge range of K-Beauty – among many others. It’s always so exciting discovering new online stores, especially when they have your favorite brands and amazing sales! Who doesn’t love sales? I do! So now you know what and where I’ll do my beauty shopping for the season!

Take a look to find out more yourself!

Right now, all these beauties  and more are 25% off! Click HERE to see all  products and find YOUR favorites!



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