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Some time ago, I was asked by LiveMentor whether I’d like to attend their online classes or not – and the answer was… obviously yes! I’ve always loved educating myself on specific subjects outside school, and finding good certified online classes is always cool! What’s so special about LiveMentor is that it is an online school dedicated to entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers. How ah-mazing is that?

Excited as I was, I enrolled and saved my seat for the course. All the LiveMentor’s courses are live, which makes the experience exciting and so much better! What’s great about it, is that if you didn’t have the chance to stop by when the course started, you can anytime watch the replay.

I attended the Masterclasses made of 4 lessons, and these are my impressions:

lesson no. 1 

The very first course lasted for about one hour ( as did the other ones )and was super exciting as it focused on topics such as Facebook and ads. I found the first course to be essential for marketing as Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, knowing everything about it business like – is a must!

Whilst the course went on, I was able to ask questions in the chat, which is placed at the right side of the page. The mentor who is a very lovely one in fact, answered most of the questions at the end of the lesson and made sure every attender has gotten all their info before ending the meeting.

lesson no. 2 

The second course was all about the importance of Facebook ads and how ads can significantly improve a recently-launched brand or newbie blogger. I found this lesson to be pretty interesting, although I have used and still use the magic tool – ads. The mentor shared real-life examples of brands and bloggers on how ads improved their businesses by building the  audience. How? By targeting the right audience!

I really recommend use ads (the magic tool – how I like to call it) as it helps reach more people – potential customers, readers etc. to discover your brand. The mentor has all the time been showing us tips & tricks and how to actually create these ads the best way possible.

lesson no. 3 

The third lesson has been the continuation of the second course, in the sense that the mentor shared her guide on how to create a successful Facebook campaign, besides the facts about its importance and effect on brands. What I loved most about this bit is that she shared her screen so that we could see exactly what she was doing. At the same time, other attenders were asking questions on the sidebar chat that the mentor always made sure to explain properly.

It was really cool to see all the backstage process behind a successful campaign!

lesson no. 4 

The fourth course was all about Facebook’s new features and secret tips from the LiveMentor team! The super nice mentor shared not only one, but 7 secret techniques on Facebook – such as an under-estimated boost named Messenger, preheating a post in order to reach its best potential and creating the best ads to grow your audience. You’ll have to take a look for yourself, I’m not giving anything else away hah! 


What really impressed me about LiveMentor is that they really care about the attenders and besides the fact that they offer FREE courses, in addition they want to see you succeed. I booked a consultation call with one of the mentors, it was up to me what day and what hour I was going to be called which was so nice. At the exact time I booked the call, I was called by one of the mentors. The call meeting answered all of my questions I had about my blog and social media which was more than satisfying.

Why do I recommend LiveMentor to you and why should you attend those classes?

Because it’s an educational program for you as a blogger, self-employed, freelancer and entrepreneur – that offers you tips & tricks on how to really succeed. Even if you think you nail everything, there is something new to learn! Trust me!

Why you should book a consultation call with a teaching assistant?

During the course you have the possibility to get answers to your questions. Even if you don’t, they’ll still give you a tip or two which can be real helpful! Whether you’re wondering you need input about your business idea or how to reach the right people by using ads – LiveMentor’s teaching assistants will make sure that your questions get an answer! Consultation calls are available for the entire duration of the course, it’s free and it’s just constructive chatting for your brand! It doesn’t get any better than this! 

So.. are you ready? Find out more by clicking HERE


*this post is sponsored by LiveMentor. All opinions are personal.

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  • Jessica
    2018-01-11 at 10:13 AM

    This looks interesting. Looks like you learned a lot, and it sounds like they’re a really good company. Thanks for sharing your experience dear. I may check this one out.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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