A healthier lifestyle is always a good idea AD

 You might remember the resolutions you’ve set about eating healthier, working out more or changing your lifestyle – well, now it’s time to get started! If you haven’t set any, keep on reading and get inspired because a healthier lifestyle is always a good idea!

I personally know that setting unrealistic goals means I’ll never reach them. Therefore, I believe that taking baby steps is really important as you then slowly integrate the small changes into your lifestyle in a healthy way that will stick to your lifestyle! I’ve come up with a few ideas that hopefully will help you on your way. These things are the things that worked for me, but there could be other things that could work for you!

So honestly, you’ll just have to figure out what’s working best for you! Remember, that the most important thing is to make sure you break the biggest goal you have into baby steps – for instance, drink 3 l of water a day. Instead of pushing yourself to drink a lot at a time, you can for example make a plan on how you much you’re going to be drinking each two hours.

This way you’re focusing on drinking less (easier goal to reach) and in the long run you’ll be more willing to do it again! 

You can mark your water bottle by diving it into different sections like a drinking schedule! Search pinterest for “water bottle drinking schedule” to get the idea! 

This is just a really little example, but hopefully you get the idea! Below you’ll find more tips that hopefully inspire you – because a healthier lifestyle it’s a way of living and it’s all about the baby steps!

Find healthier alternatives to your favorite foods

For lunch today I had taco, because I do love taco from time to time and that’s fine – because taco can be pretty healthy too if you go for healthier alternatives. Cut the meat and instead do vegetarian taco w soy protein (didn’t even need any sauce), or (look for vegan taco alternatives at your local supermarket), then add more veggies and choose wheat tortillas. I love the corn & wheat ones! 

For sweets, make your own chocolate as one of the endless healthy options! 

Keep an eye open for a dedicated post on only that! 


Once again – you don’t need to cut off your favorite meals in order to “be healthy”. If you’re going to have a healthy lifestyle that’s not just about eating healthy, but that’s also about a healthy mindset – then you have to accept that at least in the beginning you will crave other foods than tuna fish, salads and crispy bread which is absolutely normal! Therefore, go for healthier versions of your favorite dishes – if you love pesto pasta like I do, then listen up! Instead of using wheat pasta, try the soybean fettuccine as I’ve used or whole wheat pasta. Now for pesto, pick one that’s best made or even make your own if you fancy! Mine is both organic and ecological!  

I’m honestly loving this one and I can tell a huge difference between this one and the ones I’ve used before. This has a darker tone and is not as oily as the other ones which obviously is a really good sign! 

And voila! You have your pesto pasta made that’s super delicious, but healthier!


I don’t know about you, but I love tea – especially in this time of the year. But gosh – if I’m going to sweeten my tea with sugar, then that’s a lot of sugar!

Therefore, agave syrup has been my best friend in the last couple of years – because it doesn’t change the taste of the tea, it’s natural AND I can use it for different purposes as well, even in coffee and desserts! 

I recommend trying out Agave syrup as a replacer for plain sugar or any other sweetner, it’s honestly amazing! 


Coconut Palm Sugar 

Coconut Palm Sugar Thanks to Soma I have now found healthier alternatives of most products. Coconut sugar has been the most important one for me – not that sugar is important for me as sugar in general isn’t healthy, but if I’ll need sweetning I’ll choose the healthiest option! Now, coconut sugar isn’t a miracle product because sugar is sugar, but it’s definitely a healthier alternative to fine sugar! 


I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of a chocolate addict! In Norway, there is a chocolate named Kvikk Lunsj – well it’s kind of a KitKat more or less, but it’s so good it’s not even funny! But because I’m staying away from it, any alternatives from time to time that are just even a slight better are more than welcomed! This Atkins Chocolate Break contains 75% less sugar and taste the same – if not better! 

Choco Breakfast

Last but not least, I need to mention the Choco Balls! David is a fan of choco breakfast as much as I am, and finding this so-much-better alternative is ah-mazing! It’s basically gluten-free and organic cereals made of crispy pieces of corn, rice and quinoa – covered in dark chocolate. What?! *jackpot* Get them now HERE 

tip #spiceupyourwater

Struggle with the tranzition from soda to water, or you find drinking more water challenging? Then you should try out flavored water! I’ve been loving flavored water because it not only taste better than plain water *obvs*, but flavored water is what got me back on track after the holidays when drinking too much soda can be too much! 

You could also spice up your water all by yourself, by adding fruits or cucumber slices into your water.

Infused water is actually even better and healthier! 

More lifestyle posts are coming up soon, but until then I hope you have enjoyed this one! In collaboration with Soma (my current fave online shop!) I’m making it easier for you to shop my must-have products aka healthier alternatives so that your resolutions related to a healthier lifestyle will come true in 2018! Not only that, but you will also get 20% your order by using the code “miriam20” – so no excuses!

PS. Soma ships only within Norway at the moment!

1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE/ 4 HERE

Find out more about Soma and their fantastic products by clicking here 

*this post is in collaboration with Soma.no / All opinions and photography are personal.


  • Jessica
    2018-02-10 at 8:45 AM

    I coudlnt agree more. It all starts with what you put in, remember food is fuel, not a therapy. Reminds meof the saying “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Jessica
    2018-02-11 at 7:18 AM

    Now that looks delish! I should definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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