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A healthy lifestyle does only include fitness and food but also skincare routines! As we need to take care of ourselves from the inside, the outside is just as important!

I don’t know about you, but with the new year fresh starts I got super excited about a brand-new skincare regime! It’s not a surprise that my skin gets drier with the cold, meaning more moisture and care is super required. 

Now, you might remember the last post, click here if you haven’t seen it – where I revealed that Soma is my favorite online shopping destination at the moment – well, of course it is! And I’m going to tell you why!

Keep on reading to find out about my new rockin’ skin care routine!

When shopping for new skincare buddies, I always make sure that my criteria in terms of ingredients, price and results – are being checked off! Soma offers a whole range of products that are beyond basic expectations. Don’t believe it? Here is why – Nordic Birch products are certified organic and 100% natural origin. Yes, they are also vegan and cruelty free – but most importantly, they are amazing for the skin! In collaboration with Soma, you can now turn your current skincare routine into a party for your skin – use the code “miriam20” to get 20% off your order!

Cleansing Lotion & Skin Toner

Those buddies are the very first step of my skincare routine! I start things off with my new best friend – the cleansing lotion that helps me remove the makeup and impurities, whilst it gives me something in return. Jojoba, almond and olive oil gives my skin additional moisture and the birch leaf extract – well, the birch leaf extract has a vital strengthening effect! Because of the fine formula that it has, I use it with my beloved Clarisonic! Gosh – perfect combination!

Then the skin tonic steps in and takes the skincare routine to a new level – I use a cotton pad to gently apply the toner on my skin. This gives my skin a small lift as it is moisturized with birch sugar and aloe vera. Must admit that the toner part has been my favorite, so refreshing and calming!


It’s not a shame – everybody sweats! So, having a deodorant to block the smell and cooperate with sweat, it’s a necessity. Though it might not sound too important, a deodorant should be carefully picked up. Did you know that deodorants containing toxic ingredients are bad for you and can lead to cancer? Look out for ingredients such as..

(source organics.org) Find out more on organics.org

Fortunately, this deodorant does not include any of these ingredients so it’s safe to use. In addition to those good news, it’s vegan (no animals were harmed) and 20% off the ingredients are from organic farming – the rest are ingredients that you can actually understand when reading. Meaning that they won’t be a danger to your skin and overall health, furthermore it will block the bad odor and protect you from excessive sweats – due to natural active substances. Your skin will be taken care of and protected by shea butter and other nurturing oils!



The day cream has been a real game changer for me! It’s super moisturizing, but that doesn’t make it oily as it gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I absolutely love how soft it makes my skin feel and the anti-inflammatory effect I get as a bonus. It feels so pampering on the skin, not to mention the calming & natural scent it has. 

This body lotion is the best lotion ever – I love that except for the fact that it’s super moisturizing and quick to absorb, I can use it knowing that it’s made of the best ingredients for my skin. It contains the finest oils such as olive, apricot kernel, jojoba and shea butter which all provide the skin with extra care and glow!

Cleansing Lotion HERE / Skin Toner HERE / Deodorant HERE/ Daycream HERE/ Bodylotion HERE

To find out more and shop your skincare new buddies with 20% off by using the code “miriam20“, go to Soma by clicking here!

This post is in collaboration with Soma.no. All opinions are personal. @copyright

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  • Jessica
    2018-02-13 at 7:14 AM

    I should definitely try Nordic Birch, looks really promising. And yes, I love day creams too!

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