8 March Story Time

Looking back through history, women have done something significantly valuable for themselves as well as for the rest of the women when speaking of rights and justice in society. 
These women have always been a source of inspiration for the society as well as for the rest of the women. These unstoppable women have fought for most of the rights today’s women own, whilst other rights such as equal pay rates are still missing. If it wasn’t for these women, me and you – well, we wouldn’t be able to stand in the society of today with the rights we now and finally possess. 
There have been years and years of development, hard work and progress and there still is a lot to be changed or made – but today, we celebrate TODAY. We celebrate WOMEN in general and especially TODAY’S WOMEN.
One of the women from late years that has been a source of inspiration for me is Mary Wollstonecraft. The reason for this is that Wollstonecraft was an English author that has written the most significant book in the early feminist movement. Her book named “A vindication of the rights of Women” represented a moral & practical basis for extending both human and political rights to all women. Mary Wollstonecraft was a pioneer in the struggle for female suffrage, which reflects profoundly in her work.

“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.”

I highly recommend taking a look –  the book is NOT-surprisingly full of truthful thoughts about the then-situation and status of women. She talks also about the human nature, specifically that women are equally created and therefore shall be equally valued. “I shall first consider women as human creatures who, in common with men, are placed on this earth to develop their abilities.”

Billie Jean King – the legendary tennis player that won 67 professional titles, including 20 titles at Wimbledon has fought for equal pay for women. I recommend watching the biographical movie the battle of the sexes, starring Emma Stone, which demonstrates her attitude towards the unfair treatment of women. Though women sold same amount of tickets as men, they weren’t to be given same prize if they would potentially win the match. King then decides to do something about that which makes the battle of the sexes a must-watch movie, and Billie Jean King a super role model!
A younger woman that has become a role model in recent years is Malala Yousafzai. You might have heard of her and especially of her willingness to change the misinterpreted vision on education. At only 20 years has become known for taking the problematic situation onto her own hands, in despair and hope of possible education for everyone – especially girls. She was shot in the head by the Taliban, a happening that brought attention upon Malala and her works. What’s special about Malala’s work is the inspiration we can drag from the powerful actions of a young woman. Actions that don’t require or await any comments of some sort.

why the fighting?

More or less, these three and many more other women have stood up and did something concerning the unrighteousness of society and gender inequality. From as far as we can tell, there has always been pretty divided gender roles within families and society. The man was looked upon as the headmaster of the house, as well as the one that brought food and took care of the economy and such. Women were supposed to do something with the food the men brought; to cook it.

She was also supposed to be a mother, to take care of children, among other housework obligations. Her obligations were strict and the expectations of her as a mother and wife were just as clear. Together with these expectations came also the characterization of the roles. The man was strong and powerful, whilst the woman… well, the woman was pretty much looked upon as the opposite.

You see, the society has evolved a lot and there have been many positive changes that led to this fantastic outcome. The idea that women should have equal rights as men has been the key factor in women’s rights movement – and over history, the movement has taken the form of gaining property rights, the right to vote, reproductive rights, the women’s suffrage, and the right to work for equal pay.. and the list is longer and continues to prolong! 

Cheers to every woman fighting for justice, because of them today’s women stand in a more fair society – but it is up to today’s women to continue the valuable work and maintain the progress thousand of women have fought for, flowing and growing.

Happy Women’s Day!


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