If you should get one perfume, then you should get THIS one

I’m not a girl; I’m poison

Whether you are looking for a new ah-mazing scent or just want to spice up your perfume collection, this Dior fragrance is worth having on top of your wish list! 
Poison Girl Unexpected is the most recent launch of the legendary and beloved Dior. The fragrance of a modern-day girl, is a sexy and fresh scent that’s absolutely and literally, UNEXPECTED!
François Demachy’s – Dior Perfumer-Creator, intention was to shake up the noble ingredients with spirited accords and sassy to create a brand new, sparking floral and fresh scent! 
The Tanzanian ginger is the mainly top note, Damascus rose heart note, and Venezuelan Tonka bean remains a signature and base note.

why this scent

At first, I must confess, I was a bit unsure whether this scent was really me or not. Though I wasn’t feeling it right away, within a few minutes I was loving it – and the love only grew after wearing it a couple of times. I’ve never really had a scent like this one before, strong yet a bit spicy. 
I’ve always loved strong noted perfumes but haven’t really been a fan of spicy scents, for some reasons. This one though is different from any other spicy fragrances – the Tanzanian ginger is beautifully mixed with the Damascus rose which creates a sexy poisoning scent. 
In addition to unique scent, the fragrance is long wearing and stays on for hours, as well as being appropriate for both daytime and nighttime.

I am in love!

Why you should get it?

Both Poison Girl & Poison Girl Unexpected are must-have fragrances due to their incredible scent and quality. Choose between one of them, or get both – and renew yourself this season with an amazing scent you and those around will love! 

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