How to start a blog? Launching your blog in 3 steps

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Starting a successful blog isn’t as hard as it might seem! By following these 3 steps, launching your own blog will finally become a dream come true!
Have you forever wanted to launch your own blog? Maybe you love blogs in general and you would like to start your own? Well, that’s a great idea! I encourage you to follow your passions and go after your dreams. 
So, “how to start a blog?” Today I’m sharing with you the steps you should definitely follow when starting out!


step one 

Decide your niche!

The answer to “how to start a blog?” is actually just another question. What type of blog would you like to launch? Ask yourself if it is a beauty blog where you for instance talk about makeup and share reviews of products, or maybe you would instead like to focus more on sharing recipes of your favorite dishes? 
Either ways, deciding what content you are going to create is step number one. It’s the most important step too, as it really starts off the process in a specific direction!

step two 

Choose a name for your blog and a platform!

The name should represent your blog, so think about what your goal is when choosing the name of the blog. It should say something about you, about the blog itself and most importantly, it should say something about “the image” you want to create.
 Creating a certain image is important because that’s sort of a representation of your blog to your potential audience. Your niche in combination with a name + blog design should create a visual image that should represent your blog. When speaking of the design, there are many free templates you can choose from. Customize it and play with it until you are confident about it! 
I recommend keeping it clean, but personalized. In addition, make sure to add your social media handles, contact information and categories for your content. 
The visual image is going to attract people to your blog, so it’s important that this image is a clear and specific one.
Ok, now it’s time for you to choose a platform – a home for your blog. You can choose between Blogger which is Google’s blogging platform, WordPress or Wix. These ones are some of the most popular ones you can choose between, and also the ones I personally recommend. 
I have personally used Blogger in the very beginning of my “blogging career”, but recently Wix has become a favorite among beginner bloggers due to the fact that designing process of the blog is super easy.
WordPress is a bit more complex, but NOT impossible to figure out. I wasn’t a pro either when I started out, so it took me a lot of research and a bit of patience until I got everything right. But if you would like to start right away and skip that part, then check out Wix or Blogger instead.

Now, you can choose between getting a domain or not getting domain. 
When I started out, I didn’t get a domain right away because I was a beginner and did not want to pressure myself with a domain I would have to pay for. So, what I did is that I took time to learn (don’t expect to know everything when starting out, you will learn gradually!), experiment and practice for a period of time and came to the conclusion that I actually really loved blogging.
This is a great way of finding out if you really enjoy blogging, so give yourself time to try it out for some time before investing any money in it. It turned out that I was loving it and was also pretty good at it as my views increased, I then decided to relaunch my blog, get a professional custom design and a domain. 
It was an investment, but it paid off within a couple of months, so it was truly a great investment. Before investing though, I would recommend starting off with a free domain and free design – you can easily upgrade when you’re ready!

step three 

Start creating blog content, but don’t forget about social media!

Uhuu, so exiting! Get started with your very first post! Exciting, right? Take your time to write great content and add photos to go hand-in-hand with your text. Don’t know what your first post should be about? Well, depending on your niche there are many to choose from. But your first post could be anything really! 
Here is one great example appropiate for most niches:

 X facts about me 

(choose the amount of facts you would like to share with your readers). This is a great way to start off as you introduce yourself to your readers and they get to find out who you are. 
Maybe you could even share a bit about why you started the blog and what your goal is. Defining your goal aka your blog’s purpose, makes it easier for you to focus on growing your audience.
Building a presence on social media is vital these days! Most of our audience is redirected from our social media, which is the case for most of the bloggers. Why? Well, people tend to get attracted to visuals, so photos and short texts such as captions and comments are dominating. Because people read less, *unfortunately*, your social media might just be the greatest way of growing your blog’s audience!
Social media is also important for interacting with your audience on a daily basis. Keeping them updated and letting them know when a new post is going up will keep them interested! This way they will come back to your blog for more content. 


Don’t expect getting a lot of views the first weeks. If you do that though, that’s great! Building an audience takes time, so don’t set unrealistic goals. Be consistent, create great content and the rest will eventually follow. 
Don’t start a blog because you just want to earn a few extra dollars. Blogging is about following your passion for writing, photography or specific interests & hobbies. If you are thinking of starting a blog to earn money, then don’t hustle. It takes time, passion and hard work to earn money. I’m not saying that you are not going to earn any money, because you’re most likely going to. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t start a blog of materialistic goals. Blogging is not quick money.
Don’t give up too soon. It takes time to grow your audience and blog. However, do it out of passion and put great effort in your work. Earlier or later you will see the results of your work coming in. Also, do not just press “post” and close your computer. The slogan is promoting, promoting, promoting. Your content could be great, but is wasted if nobody sees it. Promoting your content is the key! 
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  • Courtney
    2018-03-12 at 2:39 PM

    These are good tips! Actually starting it is the hard part, but it always pays off in the end.

  • Jessica
    2018-03-16 at 3:05 PM

    Lovely tips dear! Indeed, blog content and social media should definitely go hand in hand. Content is STILL king, but you need people to actually see and read it.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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