5 reasons (yes!) you can do it all!

Can you really do it all? Here are 5 reasons you can!
When you’re finding yourself struggling to get this and that done, ask yourself if you really can do it all. Can you? Maybe. The thing though, is that you don’t have to! If you are going to do it all by yourself, you are most likely going to get exhausted. 
So, what to do when you realize you can’t do it all because you don’t want to collapse? I believe you can actually do it all. It doesn’t mean you can do it all by yourself or that you can be two places at the same time. It only means that you are in control and you do it all in different ways. Keep on reading to find out more!
I think having the strength to realize and to admit that you need help is important. Many people are pretty stubborn when admitting they need help, because they don’t want to depend on other people. It is a good thing, wanting to be independent, but sometimes you need other people too. It is a fact that we need each other, people in our lives, that’s how humanity works. 
You can’t exactly move to the north of Nepal to live there alone for the rest of our life. Though many people make you just wanting to do that! But communication and companionship with other people are vital in life. Therefore, being aware of the fact that you pretty much need to get along with other people in different ways, will make things easier for you.


Is asking for help meaning using people?
Definitely not! Using people doesn’t require asking. Have you ever heard someone say, “hey, can I use you?” That’s what we thought! That’s also the biggest challenge for people in general. Sometimes people are too good to people not appreciating or even deserving their gestures. People might even be aware of being used in different ways, but they don’t complain because they’re doing it for themselves really. When someone asks for something, it makes us proud to help someone out who’s in need. 
Sometimes, seeing someone get so excited and thankful for something we bought them, makes us feel good. But sometimes we don’t really care about the other person, if it’s a stranger or an acquaintance in need, some people just care about themselves. It’s not about making them, but about us feeling good of helping someone in need. So, is a person who asks someone for something using that person? No. It’s our choice to respond, though sometimes we do it more for ourselves than for the person implied.
Ask for help without feeling guilty. Let them have a choice of helping you or not. This way they don’t feel used in any way because they don’t have the option of saying “no”.
Stay focused!
When having a lot on your mind is pretty easy to get interrupted. I know this from myself. If I have to do a paper for school and clean my room, I’ll end up watching Dynasty on Netflix. Staying focused is so important. Focusing is not exactly just sitting without blinking, though it is about attention too. Focusing is being aware of yours to do’s and goals. 
If I’d then think that the paper I need to write is important because I’ll get a grade on it, or cleaning my room is important for my own sake and for skipping the part where my mom feels like giving up on me. Well, knowing the importance of these things make me stay focused on actually getting them done because I know how important they’re to get done.
Saying no if you mean no 
Sometimes you need to give up certain things for other things. You can’t be two places at the same time, nor can you post 6 blog posts a week when working after school and weekend 6 days a week. Keep things balanced, prioritize and don’t feel sorry about the things you give up.
Reward yourself
This is so my favorite part! I must admit that I’m excellent at rewarding myself, but it is an important thing too. When juggling with many tasks, having something to look forward to, is a must. I always make sure that, especially when having a long busy day, I keep in mind two-three exciting things that I look forward to. Doesn’t have to be a trip to Bora Bora (you totally can hah!), but even just a Snickers waiting for you at lunch. It might seem ridiculous. But if it does, then it only means you haven’t been busy enough to know the value and power of a Snickers at lunch – or you don’t like Snickers. 
Small things that bring a strike of joy to you, are worth popping up throughout your busy day. They truly make a difference.
Remember the bigger goals
Motivate you to gain power and strength to do the things you need to do. Most of the times, tasks are part of bigger goals that are worth remembering from time to time. If you are super busy at school with lots of papers to write, exams and projects remember that school is pretty temporary. Your goal is to complete your studies to get a nice job. Sometimes seeing things from a bigger perspective, can really influence your attitude towards something in a positive way.  
You know the saying, “strike while the iron is hot”. Well, sometimes you have to strike when the opportunity knocks. To work hard when you got the chance, in order to achieve something greater. It might not be easy, but great things don’t come easy neither.
So how can you do it all after all?
Do your best
Ask for help when you need help
Reward yourself
Remember the reasons


  • Sharan
    2018-03-20 at 12:44 PM

    This is a super encouraging post. I loved reading it!! Xx


  • Jessica
    2018-03-20 at 1:48 PM

    What a nice read. Love what you said here dear, especially on the last one. Challenges can be really tough, and when you feel like giving up, remember why you started in the first place.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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