MONDAYMOTIVATION : Get the work done!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been there and done that. Yes. We’ve spent hours and hours, laying around and ended up doing nothing, when we should’ve been working or doing more important things.
Procrastination is not fun but luckily, we have great news we want to share with you today. So, if you’re tired of procrastinating, keep on reading to find out the secret to getting that work done.
For us, staying motivated is truly important. It might sound cheesy but having a goal and a reason in mind can save you lots of time and energy. We think of it as fuel, motivation is like that driving source that keeps you going. 
Let’s say you got to write a paper for your least-favorite-college-class – remembering what your goal is and why you’re actually doing it can help a lot. Your goal is to write that paper and get a good grade, so you can graduate and get a fancy job. We’re not saying you’ll be keen on getting the paper done but remember the reason and you’ll be more likely to get to it.

So where to start?
Start with your social media accounts. We meant, DON’T!

Getting rid of anything that distracts you whilst you need to focus on getting work done, is probably rule number one. No, scrolling down your Instagram doesn’t benefit you at all. In fact, it only makes you procrastinate more. We’re not saying to use those apps that doesn’t allow you to access your social media for a certain amount of time, (unless it’s necessary!), but to look forward to the scrolling when break-time.

Our tip? Avoid Distractions!

In a world of social media and internet memes, it’s so easy to get distracted for hours at a time. Turn off the volume or turn it to a non-disturbing mode until you’re done working.

Can’t focus on the work?

Try journaling or meditating before you start working 
to help you focus. 

What’s next?

Take action. We know, easier said than done. What we’ve learnt is to look at what we need to get done and ask ourselves what is the smallest thing that we can firstly do. It truly is all about baby steps.
If you need to write that paper for your college class, then the first baby step might be opening your document and writing your student number and date. Then ask yourself, what is the next baby step? Those baby steps will lead you to that zone where you’ll be completely focusing on the work. And that’s exactly the zone we want to be in!

Too much work to get done?

Break it down into small parts, start small and think step-by-step.
Another thing is to set an end time. If the work you need to get done seems overwhelming, set an end time. Setting deadlines or end times, helps you see the end of the tunnel as you start looking forward to the end.
Last, but not least – we want to share with you an app that we think it’s pretty cool. FOREST is an app that helps you focus by letting you plant virtual trees whenever you want to focus. You choose the time, but if you leave the app before the time is up, your tree will die. The really cool thing about this app is that if you earn enough coins, you can actually plant REAL trees. What?! 
In addition, the app gives you access to cool statistics that showcase for instance, how much time you’ve spent on your phone.
The app is free to download and use and you can find in on the app store.


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