BLOGGER TALK w Irina Binzaru

Irina Binzaru is probably one of the prettiest faces you’ll ever see on social media. With her gorgeous smile and badass outfits, she manages to keep her followers & fans always on the watch for new photos and posts. We’ve had the chance to get to know her a little more and get her to tell the secrets of a social media influencer and blogger.
We’ve known Irina ever since herrendezvous was a tiny baby, she then lived in Moldovia before moving all the way to Scotland. Your readers have been following you ever since you were based in Moldovia and now you’ve moved to Edinburgh/Scotland – how has that affected your blog and social media presence?
I think it affected both my blog and social media in a positive way. The engagement is higher, thanks to beautiful photos I now take in Edinburgh. One thing is essential in blogging: nice pictures in a nice environment, and Edinburgh offers me this freedom.
 I bet it does! But what’s really to love about Edinburgh? A great restaurant, the people or the Instagramable spots?
Before I first came here, I had no idea what this city was like, and now I am in love with this place. I can’t compare it to any city, it is so special and so mine. People and history define this city.
Your slogan is “the sky is not the limit”, isn’t it? Tell us a bit about your journey on following your dreams and your goals. Is there something else than blogging you’re secretly chasing? A bigger dream or a passion perhaps?
Yes, this is my slogan and I truly believe, that human beings are capable of anything! The most important is to have a goal, to know for sure what you want to achieve in your life and what makes you happy. I started my blog during my first year of university and it was a hobby, then it turned into something more – passion. It made me happy.. . Now, I finished my university and my biggest dream is to become a successful entrepreneur.
There are undoubtedly many blogger aspirants following you on social media and reading your blog, could you give them all a piece of advice? What are big do’s and don’ts, and the biggest lesson you’ve learnt throughout your journey?
I recommend to all the people to follow their dreams. To not be afraid of failure. To try, to work-hard for their dreams and to have a well-defined goal. To do everything with passion and dedication and if they feel like they are not happy, to leave the game and start something else. Never stop!
If you were not a blogger, what would you be doing? Another passion you would follow than the one of writing, photography and fashion?
I think I’d volunteered, because helping society makes me happy. In fact, I have been volunteering for many years in my home-town and I have learnt so many things, have met wonderful people and all this experience influenced in forming my personality.
Volunteering is truly very rewarding!
Do you do blog full time now? 
I don’t do it full-time, I post once per week on my blog, and try to post on Instagram more often, because Instagram has a great influence now and is continuing to grow. I think it is a great platform to promote and share what are you doing.
Alright, tell us three places we should visit in Edinburgh!
It is so hard to choose just three places, but I will try to do it. Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill and The National Museum of Scotland.
Let’s do 5! You ready?
Smokey eyes or red lips?
Red lips
High heels or sneakers?
Mountain or beach?
Horror or comedy?
Going out on Saturday or staying home?
Going out on Saturdays!


You can find Irina at The Fourteen Carats & on Instagram @irina_binzaru


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    Awesome interview, and I absolutely love what she said about “sky is not the limit”, it speaks of what she believes in. Indeed, there are no limits as what we can do. This is lovely dear, thanks for sharing.

    Jessica |

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