Who are you?

Who are you? What kind of person are you? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You might have been asked by others, but have you ever asked yourself? Have you ever really thought about who you truly are? Not who people think you are or who you think people think you are. But the person you truly are. The person you are when you’re alone with yourself and by yourself. That’s the person you are. That’s the true version of yourself. Ever thought of that?

So who are you?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you prefer Italian cuisine like I do, or sushi? Are you one of the 1% that has never watched Game of Thrones? If it helps, I’ve myself never made it through the first episode. What a shame you might think, unless you’re not a fan yourself. But honestly, I always ended up scrolling through makeup tutorials until I found a makeup look I thought was way more interesting and worth watching than the series everyone is talking about. Trust me, I tried.

Whether you’ve watched Game of thrones or not; whether you enjoy staying at home with a cup of hot drink in your hands whilst watching a feel-good series or read a book, or you would rather go out and dance the shit out of the dancefloor; OR whether you’re an Italian cuisine lover or a sushi addict – there is no right or wrong. Because you see, no matter what you like and prefer, you good. These are the things that define ourselves though. Our personality, our preferences and hobbies. Our tastes and dreams, and fears. The things we choose to define us, are the things that truly define us. Let those things that define you, let the authentic you come as much as it can into the light. Be the person you are when you are alone, with others too. And when you no longer feel like you’re being who you truly are, leave. You’re too good as you are to not be your truest self and somewhere else you’ll find your place and people. What defines us, is up to each one of us. Nobody can define us, not even the past or the things we’ve experienced or done. As long as we don’t let them, they can’t because we get to define ourselves. We define ourselves by the choices we make. It’s truly all about the choices we make. When you say things and do things in a way you wouldn’t normally do, just to fit in it’s a choice. When you start believing the gossip that goes around about you, as if you don’t spend enough time with yourself to know the truth, now that’s a choice too. What do you choose? What defines you after all? 

You’re too good as you are. Stop searching for validation in every corner, you need to validate yourself because when you do, you no longer need the validation of others. Stop trying to fit in, you need to be yourself at all times because when you do, you no longer need to fit in and the right people will show up. In order to live your journey, you need to follow your path. When you’ll follow your path, you’ll meet your people and the cool stuff that’s getting you all excited. Look for the right thing, in the right place. What’s right for you? Don’t ask me when you already know the answer. Because you see, you can’t search for the sun in the dark. Now shit, if that wasn’t a great example, then I don’t know. But y’all get the point. Embrace who you are, because it’s who you are. And I believe for us to truly be happy, we need to be who we truly are.

So who are you?

Are you letting yourself shine bright or do you live with the wrong etiquette? Who you are is something you can’t really change, earlier or later you’ll realize you is the path to follow. But anyway, why would you even want to change that? 

You’re too good as you are.

thank you DariaS. for the photo


  • LoreLo
    2018-11-01 at 1:17 PM

    “you’re too good as you are” so beautiful 💙💙 Lorena

  • Kamilla
    2018-11-02 at 8:37 PM

    Loved this, so interesting thinking about it! ❤❤

    Kisses Kamilla!

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