5 ways to spice up your workout routine

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Are you tired of the same boring workout you do over and over again? If your workout routine no longer motivates or excites you as it did before or at all, then it’s time to spice it up. We believe that fitness should be a fun activity to look forward to, or at least be enjoyable. And who says you can’t have fun whilst getting in shape and burning a couple of calories? 

Today we’re sharing with you 5 activities you can include them in your workout or do them by themselves, to spice up your routine and bring the excitement back. 

Let’s get started, shall we?


We don’t know about you, but we love dancing. All you need is a great playlist and lots of energy to get you moving. And yes, dancing can burn lots of calories as long as you really move your body and turn the party into a proper dancing workout. Do it with friends and we guarantee you’ll have a blast – or alone. Dance like no one is watching.

Kick boxing

Have you ever tried kick boxing? It might seem a bit violent, but it’s a great stress reliever in addition to a great calory burner. If you live near a kick boxing studio, we truly recommend trying it out and give it a try. It’s worth it and who knows? Might turn out to be your new favorite workout.


Jogging or interval running has become our latest favorite way to work out. There is more refreshing than plugging your headphones and listening to some good music whilst running and enjoying the fresh air. Whether you prefer running outside or in the gym, running is a great way to stay active and tone up.


Believe it or not but a yoga can become your new best friend. We know what you must be thinking- “yoga won’t have the same impact as a high intensity workout!”. But the thing is that it kind of does the trick as long as you do it properly. Yoga comes with many benefits and includes many different factors that can turn a simple yoga session into a great workout. If you have never tried yoga, then we recommend you sign up for a class. You’ll be surprised!


This could be a great option if you love the water. Swimming is an even better idea than it might sound and comes with many health-related benefits… not to mention the good arm workout you’ll get done.

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