We have got so many requests from our lovely Norwegian readers to share more home décor posts. Especially online home décor interior stores as there are so many cool international online stores with great items that can’t or are difficult to ship all the way to Norway. In collaboration with Trademax, we can luckily share our latest favorite online home décor store. Trademax offers lots of cool items, yes – like the ones you can’t get your hands on because Norway. Take a look and see for yourself!

Lately, we’ve been shopping for a new display cabinet which we’ve found at Trademax. So, whether you are looking for a new display cabinet or not, Trademax has so much more to offer. Keen on getting a new gorgeous display cabinet too or other cool items for your home then you just got to try Trademax.

When spicing up the living room, a key factor is the TV area which includes the TV of course and display cabinets displaying our fave things. We don’t know about you, but especially in the fall, the TV area is where our eyeballs are stuck. You know, on Netflix and hot cocoa. Thereby, when we decided to get a new display cabinet, we considered Trademax. We still can’t choose between this, this or this. Which one should we go for? 

See all display cabinets / vitrineskap here

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