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Whenever a woman says it, the curiosity of others to see the ring and the excitement of the future bride to show it off becomes just a matter of course. The symbol of the engagement ring is speechless and beautiful, thereby the ring itself deserves to be just as beautiful. For anyone planning to propose to the love of their life, we’ve got only good news for you. Great news in fact! 
The endless run for the perfect engagement ring is over, because we’ve just discovered the brand that will finally make the engagement hunt easier than ever. Vanbruun is a pro Swedish brand with the widest range of certificated diamonds in Sweden. The store open 24/7 online, offers more than 100 000 diamonds to choose from, and you can find them all on their website. Take a look and you’ll agree. 
Vanbruun has got the most beautiful engagement rings out there. Though the rings are jaw dropping, the prices are not. Vanbruun has a stunning collection of the prettiest rings, in addition to convenient prices compared to the competitors on the market.
At Vanbruun you will find rings in every shade of gold, everything from rose gold to yellow and white gold to say at least. Every ring is unique as it comes with a special design and look – not to mention the beautiful diamond on top that always makes the difference.
There is something for every girl and every personality. All you need to do is to stop by at Vanbruun and choose the right one for your love story.
Amanda 18k Yellow Gold on the left  & Amelia 18k Rose Gold on the right
Bianca Palladium on the left & Anne 18k Rose Gold on the right
Angelica Palladium on the left & Belle 18k Yellow Gold on the right
Take a look at all the engagement rings / forlovelsesringer here
If you’re interested in something even more unique, such a custom ring then you are definitely lucky. At Vanbruun you are able to design your own ring. You can customize your own dream ring and you will receive a quote based on your design within 24 hours. It might seem complicated and expensive, but those aren’t two words to be associated with Vanbruun who makes the design process both easy and most importantly, at the best price on the market.
In addition, to make the process easier for you, Vanbruun has a section on their website named the buyers guide. There is where you will find helpful information and handy facts that will help you choose the perfect ring for the perfect one. Browse between articles like different diamonds and rings to get a peak of what you are looking after. Still lost? 
Ask one of their experts for guidance. Their customer support option on the website is always friendly and ready to help you. Feel free to discuss details with one of their experts before you decide on the ring. And when you do, the special little box will be shipped to you for free. In case the ring is too small or too loose, Vanbruun offers free resizing. Told you we’ve got only good news for you.
To find out more about Vanbruun, go to Vanbruun by clicking here.

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