Should you step out of your comfort zone?

You know there is a saying that great things only happen when you step out of your comfort zone and it could not be less true.

I hope you know how butterflies in your stomach feels, how the excitment and the unknown scares and excites you at the very same time – because then you might have accomplished some great things. Some of them might have turned out well whilst some of the might not. But one thing is for sure – you stepped out of your comfort zone. And that alone is an accomplishment.

You see, it’s absolutely normal to feel a little scared, a little afraid and a little excited when you’re about to do something that is on the other side of your comfort zone. It means that what you are about to do is something that you are not quite used to doing and something you are not quite familiar with doing. Should you do it anyway? Definitely. That is how you grow, That is how you learn. That is how you progress. And we know we all should!

Somewhere between the comfort zone and opportunities there is a door. Open that door. Step out. You might discover the best thing that will ever happen to you and your career. You will never know what is hidden behind the door, outside your comfort zone, unless you open the door. That door is fear and we often keep the door shut so we can stay comfortable in our zone. We stay in this safe bubble where everything is just the way we know it to be. Behind that door you might find a lot of things, a business that might or might not have successful potential, an opportunity you would be better off or maybe a chance to take your brand to the next level. The safe thing to say is that you will never know unless yes.. open the door.

pty / O. Sjöström


Do it afraid. Nobody says that fear is wrong. But it should not stop you from moving forward. Use that fear in a way that is positive and constructive for you and your career. Be afraid but do it anyway. Open the door even though you are nervous. Open the door even though you are scared of what might happen. Open the door even though you would rather not. What does not kill you makes you stronger, right?

Your feelings are valid, no need to excuse them or deny them. If you feel nervous about speaking at a conference, sending a business draft to a company or having a Skype meeting with your biz mates – then it is real. But if you know that speaking at that conference will gain your company more potential investors, if sending that business draft will give you a chance of better business exposure and if having that Skype meeting could turn into a successful business collaboration, then you know you should. You do not have to let your feelings control you – feelings come and go. So set a solid ground for when it comes to business so feelings do not come in the way of business. Sometimes what you know is more important than what you feel.

Think : I am feeling nervous, but I am doing this because I know this is good for my biz.

Focus on what you know, focus on facts rather than feelings. Because great things only happen when you step out of your comfort zone.